Traditional Martial Arts Classes

Tiny Tots

Ages 4 to 6

Research tells us that most of our personality is formed by the age of six. Karate can positively contribute to a child's personality by developing a healthy attitude towards themselves and others. Positive Attitude - Karate can contribute to a positive attitude by teaching courtesy, teamwork and fair play, while instilling a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Coordination - Our Tiny Tots program is designed to meet the needs of younger students by developing their attention span and coordination. Classes - Classes are serious, but they are also entertaining as children learn discipline, Karate tradition, teamwork, balance and control. Fun - Our martial arts drills are kept simple and are interspersed with skill building activities to keep the children focused and enthused.

Kids Classes

Ages 7 to 11

If a child is to become a productive adult, it will be because they were trained to meet and solve the problems of growing up. Self Confidence - It does not come naturally for many children, but rather it is developed over a period of time.  As a child accomplishes new goals, their confidence level increases.  Children become more self-confident in karate because they progress individually at their own pace and are not judged against others. Coordination - Our karate program provides vigorous physical activity that trains and coordinates all the muscle groups, improving balance, agility and strength, leading to confidence and self respect. Self Defense - Parents worry about their children's safety on the street, yet many kids' biggest worry is other kids.  Our program teaches children to think instead of panic in serious situations, as well as how to handle the neighborhood bully. Fun - Karate provides a fun way for kids to burn up excess energy while instilling traditional values of discipline and respect.

Adult Programs

Ages 12 and up

Our adult programs are set up so you can learn to defend yourself, get a great workout and stay in shape within your own time schedule. Consistent karate training will relieve tension and stress so you will feel great!  The martial arts is a great way to lose weight, tone up, as well as increase flexibility and stamina. Your self defense skills will be second to none, as we teach the Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu style of karate as taught by Hanshi Phillip Koeppel.  This system provides extremely practical self defense against all types of attack whether standing up or on the ground.  This system is enhanced by Ryu Kyu Kempo, Shuri Ryu and Kali to make it a current and well rounded curriculum. You will learn the basics quickly and easily, which will give you a feeling of confidence that comes from knowing you can protect your family, as well as yourself. You will feel comfortable here because we pride ourselves on providing everyone with an un-intimidating, friendly atmosphere in which to workout.

Self Defense

Teen Awareness

Young women ages 12 to 16.  This group is one of the most targeted groups of victims.  Protect your daughters by arming them with information and ways to protect themselves.  This class focuses on both situational awareness and basic self defense.

Women's Empowerment

This is for all ages of women!  The most basic and most comprehensive women’s self defense program out there.  It has been featured on local and national news syndicates.  This is not your basic karate based self defense.  It is based on natural instincts which makes it effective!

Girls on Guard

Again this if for all ages of women, but especially advantageous for the girls 16 to 25 who are more likely to be out in the public.  College, work, parties and nightclubs are a predator’s dream.  These predators specialize in isolating their victims, often people they know.  Learn how to protect yourself in social situations!

After School

After School Camps

Now's the time to switch from the typical after school setting! This isn’t Daycare! We are teaching your child life skills. Our After School Program is designed to teach your child motivation, martial arts, and all of the benefits associated with it. This program is especially great for the parent who wants their child to learn courtesy, discipline, etiquette and self defense, but can't get them to classes on time due to careers or time constraints. This program is a much better value for your hard earned money, especially since.....

1. Transportation is complimentary

2. We pick-up your child right after school Monday thru Friday and transport them to the Karate school.

3. Your child receives a 40 minute Karate class each day based on their age and skill level.

4. We do not charge extra for half days or certain holidays.

5. They receive a snack followed by homework time and miscellaneous games and activities to keep them busy until you pick them up.  We can accommodate your busy schedule as late as 6:00pm.

No other after school setting can offer ALL these benefits in such a fun and safe environment with proven results. You can place a request for your child here. This is not a final registration but a request for availability: After School Registration Request Form

Schools with students currently enrolled

Desert Cove, Sandpiper, Mercury Mine, Milestone, Indian Bend, Whispering Wind, Sunset Canyon, Quail Run, Campo Bello, Copper Canyon, Desert Shadows, Sunrise Middle School, Desert Shadows Middle, Liberty.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Movies, games, swimming, stranger danger, and martial arts.  No other summer camp can compare!

Keep the kids entertained for the summer. It's a breeze at Paradise Valley Karate. Self defense, bully defense, physical fitness, kali, respect - we do it all plus we take the kids to the movies and the pool!
  • Rates are Daily - You pick your days
  • Days available are Monday - Friday.
  • Half days are from 8am-Noon
  • Full days are from 7am-6pm.
  • Note**We will be closed on the 4th of July.
  • Full Days are $40 for the first child and $25 for each additional siblings.
  • Half Days are $25 for the first child and $15 for each additional siblings.
  • Mondays & Wednesday full day students will go to the pool.
  • Thursdays all students will go to Harkins for a movie.
Summer Camp Registration & more information