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  • Why a KarateGi?

    Why a KarateGi?

    The “gi” is the traditional uniform for karate. Gi is an American usage. In Japan it may be called “Keikogi” which means ‘practice clothing’ or Dogi = ‘clothing of the way’ or Karategi. The traditional gi is white. It is the uniform we wear when competing and for important events like reviews and seminars. White has always stood for purity and, more specifically in karate, for truth. The great Masters felt that the most difficult and important task in teaching karate is to instill belief in the moral aspects of the art. So teaching karate, and a moral truth, is visibly represented by wearing the white uniform. ....

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  • When Parents Quit - Kids Lose

    When Parents Quit - Kids Lose I know it sounds odd, but I've often wondered if it is the child or the parent that decides to quit. I know it's difficult when they don't want to drop what they are doing to come to class. Usually, it's just that they are involved in what they are doing and they don't want to change right now. This is also a skill! Think how many times you didn't want to stop doing what you were doing... As parents, our job is to create healthy, productive humans. Sometimes that conflicts with what kids want to do. As the information comes out about Boomers, Gen Xers, Millenials and Gen Z's, there is more and more evidence that parents need to be proactive in their ....

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  • Fudo Shin = Power and Skill!

    Fudo Shin = Power and Skill!

    Fudo Shin Practice is important. As we are preparing for our next tournament we have been talking a lot about Fudo Shin. Mu Shin Mu Shin means No Mind. That doesn't mean you're stupid. It means you can do something without devoting a lot of thought to it. A good example of this is tying your shoes. When you first started tying your shoes it was difficult. You had to think about it each time you did it, but you do it every day. Eventually, you could do it without thought or Mu Shin. Fudo Shin Fudo Shin means Immovable Mind. Where Mu Shin means you don't have to think about it, Fudo Shin means you can still do it under duress. The Archer There once was an old archery master ....

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  • Expectation Vs Reality

    Expectation Vs Reality

    Wouldn't it be great if reality and our expectations were the same? We'd all be superheroes, geniuses, and saints! If the karate journey was a straight line up from white belt to black belt then everyone would be a black belt. but... The karate journey has hills and valleys through out it. Take a look at the image below. We may expect to be great at everything we do and to remember everything, but the reality is that it takes work. Some times it's physical and sometimes it's mental. Winning a tournament or getting a new belt is fun and exciting and makes that line swing upward. But it can't always be unicorns and rainbows. There is hard work involved. Sometimes you don't win or you ....

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  • Pay Attention To Me!

    Pay Attention To Me!

    Your child wants you to watch them! They crave your attention. The average American spends over 5 hours a day on their phone! Positive Attention is better than Negative Kids will do what they have to, to get your attention - even if it's bad Class is only 40 minutes Talking to your child about class and being involved builds great relationships The best thing you can do for your child is watch them in class. If you are watching you will: Know how to help them Show you care Be able to make small corrections to behavior Have something to talk with them about Be able to reinforce good behavior Praise your child We totally get that you have work and other things, but let's make an effort ....

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  • Train like a Bushi!

    Train like a Bushi!

    Bushi Spirit Bushidō ("the way of the warrior") is a moral code concerningsamurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle. Bushido evolved from being completely devoted to valor in battle into being models of moral integrity too. Bushi is often used as a synonym for the Samurai. The Bushido class wore a top knot on their head. I trained with Taika Oyata for 12 years. Oyata's teacher, Uhugushuku, was known for having the top not which the Japanese government had abolished in 1871. Oyata met and began training with Uhugushuku just after World War II, when he was 97 years old. He was very revered for his skill and principles. The locals called him Kampu TanMei, which meant 'top knot old man'. ....

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  • Help kids to benefit from their training!

    Help kids to benefit from their training!

    In karate we learn self defense, but there is so much more that kids learn. Listening skills, body control, sportsmanship, and following directions are also a big benefit in taking karate. As a parent you can help them make it or break it! Little Joey shows up for class, he runs onto the mat and starts wrestling other kids and running around the mat. When the instructor calls everyone to line up he's too busy playing and finally comes to his spot but is jumping around and talking. All during class little Joey is talking and playing. In each of these instances the instructor needs little Joey to listen and stop playing. Joey is not learning skills and practicing them so he can improve. ....

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  • Goodbye 2020!

    Goodbye 2020!

    This year has been a nightmare of a year. I don't think there is anyone who was not affected in some way. We are missing friends, students and family and we are looking forward to a better year ahead! Welcome 2021 - let's be friends! As we put 2020 to rest lets start looking forward to a new year and better times. What goals do you have in 2021? Better Fitness Socialize More Increase Knowledge Get Your Next Belt Lose Weight Twenty minutes of cardio 3 times a week can make a huge difference in your health and well being. In karate we can reach many of the goals mentioned above just by attending class. Meet with friends to work out and to excel in your karate goals. Join us in January ....

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  • Internal Vs External Discipline

    Discipline has got a bad rap. Often, discipline is thought of as a negative consequence, but there is a lot more to it. Discipline: 1. The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct bad obedience. 2. Controlled behavior resulting from discipline. 3. An orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. There are two types of discipline: internal and external. External is when someone else tells you what to do. Internal is when you choose to do something. Our kids are working on their self discipline (we're hoping our adults already have this...). KIDS Here's a good example: Nick & Tim are best friends - but they have ....

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  • Play with Purpose

    Animals learn how to protect themselves through play with their parents. Think of how your dog plays with you or with a toy. They are practicing how they can protect themselves and catch and kill prey. Kids learn through play too. Creating drills and activities that engage kids through play will catch their interest and inspire them to improve. It's not enough to just learn a skill, it must be practiced over and over to make it part of their muscle memory. Repetition gets boring for kids so it must be disguised. Working it into a game or activity helps to keep it fresh. It can also help kids see a skill differently which can help them to better understand that skill. Using skills in ....

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