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  • Women's Self Defense - Why not?

    Women's Self Defense - Why not?

    "Somewhere in America, a women is raped every 2 minutes" reported by Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. After a little bit of research, that number is based on statistics in 2007. You'll find figures anywhere from 1 in 4 to 1 in 6 women will be assaulted, to some degree, in their lifetime. All of this was long before the Defund the Police movement came along. Since March there has been a significant uptick in crime. With statistics like this you'd think that every woman in America would make it a point to take at least one self defense course. You'd be amazed. I have been teaching women's self defense courses for over 10 years now. Women only seem to be interested in ....

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    Mindset is important in class. When you are in the right mindset you can make great strides in training and development. You are open for inspiration What if you're not in the right mindset??? It's even moreimportant to put that uniform on and get on the mat or zoom. Whether the chicken or the egg came first, you've got to have one to get the other.Getting on the mat can help melt away all those other stresses in life and work. Especially when you've been cooped up in your house for 5 months. Just get on the mat and start to train and your mindset will come. It's not just your mindset that will get you there, it's also your perseverance. Just keep going. Everyone, even masters, have ....

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  • Social Distancing - Home Activities

    Social Distancing - Home Activities

    How much have you heard Social Distancing lately? Until 3 weeks ago it was virtually unheard of. Or at least you knew you didn't want it. Now it's all they talk about. Right now this distance might keep us from catching the virus, but it's unhealthy for us! As humans we crave social activity. So you need to temporarily change up how you do it. We have put online training on the internet for our students. This allows them to continue to train and develop, but they can also interact. How? By posting up their progress and sharing what and how they are training. We have been challenging our students to train at home and post up videos. They can then interact with each other and be ....

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  • 10 Minutes a day....

    10 Minutes a day....

    My teacher, Mr. Oyata, always said it's better to train ten minutes a day than an hour on the weekend. The more often you train the better you get. It's like cramming for a test. It's much better to study a little every day. Cramming doesn't always give you reliable results. That's not to say it's not good to train for an hour, it's better than nothing. When you get home after class: Take a moment to make a note of what you did in class Run through it real quick to make sure you still have it Run through it each day for as much as you can - even if it's only ten minutes This will help you build the muscle memory you need. It will also help you to ask questions and to be able to better ....

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  • My Kali Experience

    My Kali Experience

    I have been training in martial arts for 15 years and have loved the physical workout and challenges. I never thought I could be a black belt, but once I started I was hooked and the black belt became inevitable. As a 4th degree black belt, I was still very actively training and competing. I found that my training has changed from being athletic and competitive to more self defense and practical. That is when I found Kali. I have often felt that some techniques in my martial arts training were designed for a bigger person to fight with and that it didn't address protecting myself against a knife. Which has become a very common threat these days. I began training Kali in 2015 and have since ....

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  • I Never Lose: I Either Win or Learn

    I Never Lose: I Either Win or Learn

    Be Resilient. You learn much more when you lose than when you win. Stop worrying about the loss and strive to eliminate things that interfere with your success. Learn to find your successes in a performance even if you lose. Don’t let a failure take the fun out of your sport. Parents, teach your children to be resilient. When they first learn to walk and they fall down, we build their resilience by getting them up and going again. Continue helping them to be resilient by helping them find what they can do to improve. It’s natural to some and not for others they will need your loving help and guidance. Encourage them in their sport. When they lose don’t make a big deal ....

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  • No More Excuses

    No More Excuses

    You hear it everyday, everywhere. Excuses for being late, being early, and blaming others for circumstances. Shoot, we even make excuses when we receive a compliment! When we make excuses or blame others we take ourselves out of the equation. Did Thomas Edison blame someone for his failed attempts at a light bulb? Nope, he went back to the drawing board and did it again a different way. Making an excuse can make us feel immediately better about a bad performance, but we also remove any opportunity for learning or improving. Change your focus to things you can control. What could you have done differently? Making excuses for our actions or lack of action can stunt our growth and the growth ....

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  • Martial Arts Makes You Smarter!

    Martial Arts Makes You Smarter!

    Did you know that simply doing martial arts can make you smarter? Well, don't expect to go from Elmer Fudd to Einstien or anything, but it helps. Kids who are actively moving and participating in physical activity benefit. Now if the activity you choose involves complex moves that cross the midline of your body - now you have something really special! The two hemisphere's of the brain communicate through fiber bundles. Activities that cross the midline help the two hemispheres communicate and synchronize together. This means skills like kata and drills will help your brain communicate between it's two sides. This will lead to better learning, understanding and attention. Is this just ....

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  • Be Present!

    Be Present!

    You need to come to class! Not just come to class, but be an active participant. Listen to what is being taught. Listen to what critiques are being made even if you don't think they are talking to you. Ask yourself, 'Am I doing that?' Come to class with a goal. I want to improve my middle blocks or forms. Make sure that you understand what is being taught and do your best to get all the details so that you may practice when you get home. Have laser focus! Experts say it takes 10,000 to get really good at something. You'll need to practice at home too. Practicing helps build confidence. Do it til you think you are the best and then do it more. Ask for critique. You can't see yourself as ....

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  • Make the Work Out Fun

    Make the Work Out Fun

    Kids sit all day in school. Many schools only have Physical Education twice a week. When I went to school you got two recesses a day. Not any more and even when they do have them they are not allowed to do half the things we loved to do. Adults sit behind computers! According to the Nielsen Company the average American spends 10 hours and 39 minutes a day behind a computer screen and 5 hours and 4 minutes in front of the tv. That only leaves time for sleeping and driving. Get out and do something! Anything! Walk, hike, run, work out at the gym. All of those things are good. Let me challenge you to do two things at once. Work out and learn how to protect yourself and family! Is there ....

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