Karate School Offers Karate, Kali & Camps



PV Karate is a full curriculum karate school. We teach all ages starting with our Tiny Tots at 4 years of age. We are happy to work with all ages to provide a great experience for young and old alike. 

After School Programs


Everyone's schedule is crazy these days so we offer an extra service to help you get the kids to class or to help you finish your day at work.  We'll pick the kids up from school, bring them to the dojo, give them a snack, a karate class, some homework time and even some play time.

Kid's Activities


We offer Birthday Parties and Camps.  Summer Camp is available all summer long.  We also offer camps during school breaks.  We closely follow the Paradise Valley School District Calendar.  If you are not part of the PVSD, contact the school for options 602-867-9204

Women's Self Defense


Our Women's Self Defense program is more than knowing how to throw an elbow.  Our program is a Women's Empowerment Seminar.  

Pekiti Tirsia - Kali

Kali or Pekiti Tirsia - whatever you call it, its pure self defense

Kali is a current, fast and effective Self Defense.  Highlighted recently in Black Belt Magazine - this is where true self defense training is going



PV Karate has been producing National and World Champions since 1981.  We support and help our students compete in forms, sparring and weapons. 


Adult Classes

Adult classes start around 12 years of age. You can expect a good workout in a safe and very informative environment. Mike Wall and the instructors of Paradise Valley Karate work to make sure all are involved and learning.  We focus on movement and self defense while integrating all of the classical karate principles.


Our Youth groups run from 7-12. We believe that all good behaviors stem from respect and we work very diligently to teach this principle along with fitness, self defense, confidence and goal setting in our karate school.

Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tots begin at 4 years of age. It's important for kids to learn to use their bodies. We work on listening and motor skills as we teach karate basics and principles while integrating play to keep it fun. This isn't playtime though, games will teach a principle.


Our favorite is the family. There is nothing better than a family spending time together doing karate. Now we don't combine kids and adults into classes but we do help engender participation as a family.
We offer family discounts.

After School Program

Pick up Service

Your child will be picked up at their school in a van with the PV Karate logo on it by one of our staff members.  They will be brought back to the school all ready for classes.  We do not provide pick up at all schools, please contact the office for details on which schools we work with.  602-867-9204

Structured Karate Class

Each day your child attends they will receive a karate class.  We will focus on self control, self confidence and self defense.  We have a three week rotating program to keep it fresh.  Topics covered will be forms, sparring, stranger danger, fitness and much more

Homework Opportunities

We are not tutors, but we have quiet time in the after school room for 40 minutes each day to give kids an opportunity to finish up homework or read.  


During the quiet time when they can work on homework we provide a simple snack for the kids.  Please let us know if your child has any food allergies.  

Play Time

Once they've taken Karate or Kali class and had time to work on their homework we have lots of things for the kids to do.  Video games, legos, checkers and board games.  We also have options for drawing and visiting

Pick up Time

Your child will have plenty to do until you pick them up.  Our pick up time is by 6pm.  You can pick up your child at any time.  You will be treated by our friendly staff when you pick up your child.  

Kid's Programs

Birthday Parties

Our Birthday Parties are a breath of fresh air.  Try something different.  We offer a Karate Party, Nerf Gun Battle or a little of both.  This is fun for boys and girls alike.  Lots of energy to wear the kids out.  We will set up tables for cake and clean it up when your done. Birthday Parties are 2 hours of fun and festivities and only $150 for the first ten kids and an additional $5 for each kid after that.

Summer Camp

We offer a simple Summer Alternative in Phoenix & Scottsdale.  We open each day at 7am and close at 6pm.  You can set your own schedule of when you bring the kids.  We have games, karate classes, kali classes, fitness, field trips and lots more.  Kids can get a jump start into karate and then continue it through the year.  

Other Camps

Winter break, fall break, spring break - they keep adding more days of and it can get hard to be able to get a full day work in.  Don't worry about fighting with the boss - we offer camps during these times.  Drop off is as early as 7am and pick up as late as 6pm.  Karate classes, games and movies.

Stranger Danger/Anti Bullying Seminars

Bullying & Stranger Danger are a parent's worst nightmares and Phoenix & Scottsdaleis no different than the rest of the country.  Help your child to gain confidence and know how to handle situations that may include a physical threat.  

Women's Self Defense Programs

Girls on Guard

1 in 4 women will be attacked in their lifetime.  Learn how to not to be a victim.  This class will help with awareness, reaction and defense.   We have 4 Phases:  Rape Escape, Girls on Guard, Girls Against Weapons and Girls with Weapons.

Moxie Up Driven

Through Moxie Up our Girls On Guard Series will help women to defend themselves without putting themselves in more danger like so many programs do.  Our Women's Self Defense expert, Heather Wall, has made it a goal to teach over 1,000 women in Arizona.  Her Moxie Up program is a facet of the Girls on Guard Series by bringing attention to the risks to women.  

Weapons Training

We know that weapons aren't for everyone, but if it is something you'd like to learn about we offer self defense classes with weapons including firearms and knives.  Our certified NRA instructor will custom design a class just for you.  We specialize in Kali classes in our karate school and offer more specialized Kali than most Phoenix or Scottsdale dojos.  Ask for details 602-867-9204

Teen Programs

We offer Teen and Women's specific classes.  This hands on class can be tailored to fit groups, privates and organizations. 

Kali - Pekiti Tirsia

It's pure self defense

Pekiti Tirsia is a highly effective close quarters fighting art indigenous to the Philippines.  It is a complete system incorporating both weapons and empty hand methods. 

This is a no frills, but all fun form of martial arts.  It may not have the uniforms and traditional etiquette of karate, but it has fluid and fast techniques that will bring your classical karate to the next level.  

You'll find many of the same techniques you see in karate, but put into fun and face paced drills to get you fluid and strong.

No uniforms, no kata or forms.

Classes are offered in Phoenix for 13 and up on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm.  Come by and try it out.

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Years of Experience

Sensei Wall has led his school by example by competing himself.  He has since retired from training so that he can help train his students

Competition Class

We offer Competition Classes to help our students bring their game to the next level.  We help our students have the tools to be able to compete both locally and nationally.  Sensei Wall is the Regional Representative of the United Stated Karate Alliance and he is the founder of the the Arizona State Karate Alliance.  

Kata or Forms

Classes are designed to help a student gain the skills to know how to practice as well as what they need to work on.  Our Competition classes allow for one on one training with our staff.  


Sparring classes will help develop skills for in the ring.  The USKA rules ensure a safe environment with real time sparring.  Students will have gear to protect them and will be taught defend and attack techniques along with timing.


We practice Okinawan forms with weapons.  Bo, Nunchaku, San and Eiku are all part of the curriculum.