Make the Work Out Fun

Make the Work Out Fun

Kids sit all day in school.  Many schools only have Physical Education twice a week.  When I went to school you got two recesses a day.  Not any more and even when they do have them they are not allowed to do half the things we loved to do.  

Adults sit behind computers!  According to the Nielsen Company the average American spends 10 hours and 39 minutes a day behind a computer screen and 5 hours and 4 minutes in front of the tv.  That only leaves time for sleeping and driving.  

Get out and do something! Anything!  Walk, hike, run, work out at the gym.  All of those things are good.  Let me challenge you to do two things at once.  Work out and learn how to protect yourself and family!  Is there anything better?  Karate is a fun work out.  It is stimulating both mentally and physically.  

Karate is a sport that you can work into.  Who wants to run the first mile when you’ve never run before?   You can pull muscles you didn’t know you had, shin splints can be terribly painful and what about your knees from your high school years of basketball and volleyball?  Your first class of Karate is not going to be full contact anything.  Learning how to move, block and punch are great ways to begin moving and as you learn and gain strength and endurance so do your techniques.  

The best classes are the ones where you are sweating and smiling.  Having enjoyable team mates to work with and interesting and useful techniques to use.