Martial Arts Makes You Smarter!

Did you know that simply doing martial arts can make you smarter? Well, don’t expect to go from Elmer Fudd to Einstien or anything, but it helps.

Kids who are actively moving and participating in physical activity benefit. Now if the activity you choose involves complex moves that cross the midline of your body – now you have something really special!

The two hemisphere’s of the brain communicate through fiber bundles. Activities that cross the midline help the two hemispheres communicate and synchronize together.

This means skills like kata and drills will help your brain communicate between it’s two sides. This will lead to better learning, understanding and attention.

Is this just for kids? NO! It helps everyone. As we age its even more important to keep those neural pathways working and healthy.

Tip for kids: Stop your child every 20-30 minutes of homework and get them to run their kata or a drill. Have them show you something they do in karate or kali. Have them spend at least 5 minutes working it. Then set them back to their homework. You’ll be surprised at the focus and clarity of their thinking after just a few minutes of moving.