My Kali Experience

I have been training in martial arts for 15 years and have loved the physical workout and challenges.  I never thought I could be a black belt, but once I started I was hooked and the black belt became inevitable.  As a 4th degree black belt, I was still very actively training and competing.  I found that my training has changed from being athletic and competitive to more self defense and practical.  That is when I found Kali.  I have often felt that some techniques in my martial arts training were designed for a bigger person to fight with and that it didn’t address protecting myself against a knife.  Which has become a very common threat these days.  

I began training Kali in 2015 and have since earn my status as a Guro (teacher).  This art of Kali has been a great asset to my martial arts training.  The similarities and differences have truly made me a better martial artist.  

If you haven’t ever tried Kali – you are missing out.  You don’t have to be a martial artist at all to start training.  It is a stand alone system or it can enhance what you already do.  Many Krav Maga practitioners are also finding this system to be a very effective training.  I will be conducting a seminar on February 7th at 5pm.   Please come and join me and try it out.