Social Distancing – Home Activities

Social Distancing – Home Activities

How much have you heard Social Distancing lately?  Until 3 weeks ago it was virtually unheard of.  Or at least you knew you didn’t want it.  Now it’s all they talk about.

Right now this distance might keep us from catching the virus, but it’s unhealthy for us!  As humans we crave social activity.

So you need to temporarily change up how you do it.  We have put  online training on the internet for our students.  This allows them to continue to train and develop, but they can also interact.  How?  By posting up their progress and sharing what and how they are training.

We have been challenging our students to train at home and post up videos.  They can then interact with each other and be supportive.  Hopefully this won’t last too long,  but the relationships can last forever!

Parents!  Your kids can’t really do it alone.  This is great parent time!  Help them to see what others are doing and help them post up what they are working on.  You can even try it out yourself.  They can invite friends to do it with them, even if they don’t take karate now.

We are offering our online course for nothing.  We want to do our part to help families socialize and stay healthy during this time.  Do something as a family, and post it to your communities.  You will find a button on our home page.  There is no obligation.  There are online curriculums for everyone!


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