You Talkin’ To Me?

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As a teacher, your job is to teach a student what they should know.  As a martial arts teacher it’s important to be able to convey the correct motions so that a technique will work when you really need it. 

Our goal is to help our students learn in a positive atmosphere and to build confidence.  When we see students doing something incorrectly in class we need to correct it.  How do we do this with out singling them out?  It’s nearly impossible, but we try it every day.  

When leading a technique or kata you’ll hear us say, fix your feet or kiba daichi, or some other direction.  These are corrections that we hope everyone will listen to, but most don’t.  If everyone would look and check their (technique) when we say it, everyone would improve so much quicker.  Fixing your technique when prompted saves you from being called out on doing the technique wrong.  Remember, it is your instructor’s job to make sure you understand.  Conversation, even between instructor and student, is a two way street.  One must speak and the other must listen or it simply doesn’t work. 

It’s Always Me

Have the mindset that the instructor is always talking to you!  “Fix your stance”, glance down and check your stance, compare it to the instructor.  This simple exercise will help you to become proficient so much faster!  It will also help you stay engaged so much more during class.  

This is also a great life skill.  If you hear someone say “people are so rude and never hold the door”, think to yourself – Is It Me?   This kind of listening helps your cognitive function.

Don’t Take It Too Hard

If you’ve checked your technique and it looks good, maybe ask if it is correct and then let it go.  Sometimes the instructor isn’t talking to you, but don’t let it fly over your head and miss out on the potential to improve.


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