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Self-confidence through self-defense training for kids or adults!


Want to train from home?  

You can train from the comfort of your own home!  Click our introductory offer to train at home.  It's just $49.95 for a whole month and a uniform.  After your month - you can decide to come work out at the school or continue online

PV Karate Programs

Teen & Adult Classes

Teen & Adult Classes

Teen & Adult Classes


Classes 12 and up 

Self Defense, Karate, Sparring, Grappling, Competition

Youth Classes

Teen & Adult Classes

Teen & Adult Classes


Ages 6-13

Self Defense, Self Confidence, Karate, Grappling, Sparring, Bully Defense,


Tiny Tot Classes

Teen & Adult Classes

Women's Self Defense


Ages 4-6

Listening Skills, Motor Skills, Karate, Grappling and Competition

Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense


Use your strongest weapons against his weakest targets!


Women's Self Defense

Afterschool & Camp


Fast, no nonsense and effective self defense.  The world has become a dangerous place - you need defenses that work in the real world

Afterschool & Camp

Women's Self Defense

Afterschool & Camp


Camps, After School, Birthday Parties and Bully Defense.

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About Us


More than a dojo - We're a family

Paradise Valley School of Karate was established in 1981 under Sensei Mike Wall, an 8th Dan in the traditional Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu style of Karate.  Sensei Wall has worked hard over the last 37 years to establish himself as a valued member of the local community through programs that enrich not only the mind and body, but also the spirit. Phone: 602-867-9204 


Phoenix FKA School

PV Karate is the Arizona Affiliate for the iKali  Art of Blade 

Come and learn about the art of blade and defending against the blade.  Be a student or bring it into your own school and become a certified instructor

Contact Guro Heather for more information at 602-867-9204

Special Events

PV Karate hosts Tournaments and Seminars often.  Come and Join us.

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